Friday, October 3, 2014

Thoughts on the L word

Has there ever existed a human being who didn't contemplate love?

Your thoughts on love have come to be just that, thoughts. The love you've maybe hoped for, everything falls short of. In the midst of the great cloud of confusion love almost certainly offers, are glimpses of it, Loves existence. It's sometimes fresh gleaming in the light of the honeymoon, other times well worn with experience and a depth which stretches beyond the realms of description. Love comes in how many forms, it's the existence between the admirer and the admired. The sacred grounds of deep connection... trust... loyalty... and sacrifice.

I asked this question the other night as I was walking around downtown or somewhere passing by open patio restaurants, admiring and enjoying the almost palatable connections some shared. And it wasn't confined to one particular segment -- male & female on date type segment. There were those clearly friends, those clearly more than friends, there were straits, gays, old and young... and they all shared with the other in that they were experiencing love, in relationship of some form. Love in that moment to me appeared as though it were a living being... I saw, albeit along a whole spectrum of evolution, love as this thing that was/is born, nurtured and grown between people. Just the sight of the other awakening the being of love between the two.

This gave a new perspective. "Opening my doors.." to the being of love has new meaning. A beginning, a place to plant it's seed, that's all love asks. And from there, how it's grown... so crucial. The list of metaphorical paths I could journey down at this point is endless... the moral of the story would be that love exists and it is living. And when it all makes sense -- the magic behind that feeling -- is when the source of love is discovered. He has a name, it's Love. The maker of it all... literally, it all... calls himself by this name.

With access to this perfect love, I am in a shadowless land illuminated all around as i find myself in the source of love, it's light leading the way. Bringing this love then to the world, that is most certainly the goal. Being open to it's seed always, that with all people, in one form or another, love might come to exist.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Words... They're Powerful.

While it certainly aint the easiest thing smoking a pipe and typing at the same time, tonight I find myself under the stars enjoying the silhouetted smoke on my computer screen as I dive into what was a weekend which filled me as quickly or quicker than it drained... spiritually, physically, everyally... I enjoyed "church" in the non-traditional sense all weekend long, communing with randoms, floating rivers, finding alone time... church.

Saturday night I found myself pouring Sozo wine at an incredible event in Vancouver called Sip-n-Stroll... a beautiful fundraiser all to benefit the efforts of the Hough foundation. I could go into all the beautiful things they're doing at Hough, or the dozen or so incredible conversations I had that one night (the whole weekend really) instead I want to share about one in particular which has had my mind spinning & my heart feeling good in the time since...

At some point during the night a woman in her mid-fifties strolls in and - after tasting the two Sozo blends we were offering - proceeds to allow her mind to be blown by the unique model of Sozo wine... specifically the beauty behind the names of the different blends. That night we were offering Compassion Chardonnay & Contribute Cabernet... I told her of the many others including Abundant, Mercy, Bountiful, Generosity, Charity, Freedom etc...

She was clearly the hippie type, and one of my first questions to her was if she practiced meditation, See, in meditating its common to identify your intention, or choose a single word to focus on, shaping your day around a word, an intention; love, peace, joy, forgiveness... good things. Yes, not to my surprise she practiced this and understood the power of focusing on a word, and in that time of meditation clearing your "cache" of anything that doesn't serve your intention.

Anyway... moving on... it was maybe five or so minutes into talking with this woman that MY mind began to be blown. I remembered an old video I had watched on YouTube of a study done by a Japanese man, Dr Masaru Emoto where he took jars of water and soaked them with words... literally had people stand by them, and think of a word specific to each jar.... praying over them with this specific intention, communicating the emotion of the word into the physical structure of the water... into their surroundings really, the water was just what would be tested, and the results are fascinating. There were two groups of water jugs, one group where good thoughts soaked the air, and another with things contrary to good. What he found was incredible - and in some ways hard to believe. The physical structure of the water molecules in both groups appears as different as night and day... one group the molecules looks like a piece of art, perfectly designed crystals which demand a stare, the engineer of which deserves the highest worship... the other, just blobs of nothingness, ugly, unattractive, nothing to enjoy... I've given a link to one of the many videos on this study at the bottom, check it out..

So anyway, I remember this study and - at a new level - feel the goodness of what my hands have found to do for the time being.. Sozo. I saw it in a new way. See, this lady was - in a passionate way - going off on how powerful a single word can be, and in that moment I realized how beautiful it was that each bottle was given a virtuous name... Generosity, Mercy, Compassion... and in that moment I remembered that study by Dr. Emoto and felt the power of what Sozo was delivering not only to those receiving the benefits of meals/freedom/water contributed... but the holder of the bottle. Could the physical structure of the molecules within those bottles be growing in beauty as growers, bottlers, admirers, and customers experienced the emotion of the name given that particular blend of wine? I just don't know... I'd like to believe yes:)

I believe in the supernatural. You can't believe in the God of "my" understanding and not believe in powers outside of mans understanding.. I cannot. And having worked this new territory just north and south of the beautiful Columbia River this past month, Sozo has wings when most like it seem to just have legs... and while legs aren't bad, wings certainly do help:)

My pipe died about ten lines ago... a damn shame. I will leave you - whoever might've made it this far in reading such a mess of thoughts - with what I believe to be the best words to meditate on. In the word of my God, they're compared to fruits which we can all grow by the power of our maker's Spirit... juicy fruits for all to pick and enjoy... the kind which blow your mind with their flavor, juice dripping down your cheek but you don't even care because it's so good.. fruitstand fruits... not that crap at safeway... ha

So... here it is...

"the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Some beautiful words to focus on... to soak in... to believe in and feel your body's structure turn to a beautiful glow as you grow fruit and transform your molecules to their intended design.

Do yourself a favor today and click here for a quick vid (one of many) on Dr. Emoto's study...

G'night... moon?... and whoever's on the other side of these words.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Candide ~~ "Committing To The Current"

Again, a month since I've written here? It seems crazy. So much has happened.

I'm now in portland, Sozo is cruising... His Spirit - I truly believe - is the only thing which will guide this thing to prosper -- for His kingdom purposes. When I'm engaged, apart from self, starting my days with Him, amazing things seem to happen... but the other days (there definitely are other days), it's uncanny how a fog seems to loom over the lighted hours. I don't like it... these fogs.. and in my bouncing around (which i'm all too familiar with in it's many forms) I know He won't give up on me, or this, using me to realize Goodness. Thirst. How long, oh my soul, will you put this on the side burner... with full knowledge of your captivity to it's path; a burden i'm thankful for.

I'm reading the book Candide, and really what got me to writing today is this book. I'm about half the way through, and I find myself engaged in a new way. Voltaire has his way with words, that even the most dull of situations can be colored with description enough to place the reader deep into the world illustrated. To this point that skill has described the most horrible evolution of a man through life's sufferings, beginning his earth's journey a noble, well admired man in a kingdom among kingdoms. Of course he falls in love, only for his love to be ripped away from him with the belief that it were for eternity. Still he searched for her.

Years later, through journeys of sufferings, he would - to his astonishment - find her alive... and well, alive. This was enough to draw thanks considering what they'd both been through, to now be re-united. Anyway, fate would lead them together through more suffering, and then to another separation... and it's in this gap - the thick of his search for her once again - that I find myself.

Candide finds himself in a foreign land, he would find out it's South America, and then peru. Him and his philosophical journeymen Cacambo, with one last breath in them - trapped in a land completely foreign to them - hope for something better... and upon finding a river, set afloat. "The two travellers had the courage to commit themselves to the current." I love that... especially for the land they would soon realize. The river would eventually claim their canoes and everything in them, and upon touching land they would find themselves in a country "cultivated as much for pleasure as for necessity. On all sides the useful was also the beautiful." The descriptions of this place are unreal... Gold, rubies, diamonds... everywhere. In first meeting the natives of the land, Candide realized their children to be "well brought up, since they are taught to despise gold and precious stones." They were not wealthy by their possessions... in fact the natives would laugh at Candide & Cacambo's reaction to their "yellow clay" which trumped the worth of all the "nations of Africa, Asia & Europe combined."

The people met their visitors (which they had never experienced due to the harsh surroundings) with splendor... feasts, clothing made of a thousand hummingbird's feathers, musicians by the thousands, goblets made of a single diamond to drink from... a crazy place of which Candide was soon to realize "is probably the country where all is well; for there absolutely must be one such place."

He found it:)

They stayed there one month before his desire to find his love pulled him out of paradise... but in his time there he learned their ways of peace. He learned they served one God, to think of there being more than one didn't make any sense to these people. "We are all priests" said an elder in the community... Candide wanted to know what they asked of their God to be so blessed... the elder's response was "we do not pray to Him, we have nothing to ask of Him; He has given us all we need, and we return Him thanks without ceasing." Perfect.

The king of the land was a humble man, adorned with all wisdom which reflected it in the majesty of his surroundings and his people; he accepted both visitors with all due honor and "received them with all the goodness imaginable".

This land was Voltaire's heaven... at least how I read it. And Candide would leave after just a month. And with the blessing and aid of the king, he and Cacambo would be given - what to the natives was worthless - one hundred sheep carrying the wealth of many kingdoms, setting out again to find his love. Idiot. ha

Well, one hundred sheep would turn into fifty, which would turn into twenty, then two... all but these two dying off - along with the wealth they could carry - somewhere along the journey. Bummer...

They would make it back to Europe, and the crazy events which would follow are well worth reading, but all that's important is that his wealth would fade, he would realize "how perishable are the riches of this world; there is nothing solid but virtue." And in remembering the beauty of the past world he was called family in for even just a month, the only thing remaining on his life's to-do list was to find Cunegonde, his chica.

I don't get it really yet, the ending is still 50 or so pages off, but why he would leave 'heaven' to pursue a woman on the other side of the globe not even knowing whether she lived or not -- no facebook in those days -- seems crazy to me. This depth of love, if it exists, is beyond me.

Their whole journey out of dark and into goodness started with them getting on the river, and "committing to it's currents". I understand that, going with the current of the river, not knowing whats around the next bend until you get there, it makes sense to me... and so in life.

I learn from Candide today to give thanks first... always.... for He has provided all we require (its so trueee)... to not fall into the lies of things associated with great wealth, for it soon fades, but joy and peace will remain... and the reliance on it can - as in his case - lead to ruin and suffering, yet again. Confronted with the "real" world after leaving paradise, Candide was hit by the "villainy of mankind presenting itself before his imaginations, in all its deformity, and his mind was filled with gloomy ideas." There is but one God... and for Him we live and give thanks for all provision

Anyway, a great book... check it out.

And the current which we should trust... I made a video of a river journey I had yesterday... an awesome expedition in new territory -- hard not to feel like candide, looking for "paradise" just 'round the river bend...

Click here for the video.

Later friends...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If you love the river...

You'll stick around, read and then watch the video at the bottom... ha

I've had quite the journey since I last wrote. Much to share, but whatever... this last weekend I went to Bend. I was meant to be there. The second day there I had one of the most profound river experiences I've ever had. I went down a section of the Deschutes with three friends... a hodge podge group from pasts presents and most likely futures... it was wonderful.

I made a video of the experience, it was the first time i've used this camera - a gift from my parents:) I stitched it with a song we randomly discovered minutes before putting on the river, it was a profound moment, and set the stage for what would be a spiritual experience for all floating that day.

From my perspective, you'll see all three in the beginning, and at some point going through the rapids all of them are out of their boat (can you spot it, first the kayak then the empty raft), and I witnessed this believing - at the point i'm sitting in the eddy after the first big wave - that the girl in the kayak was caught in a strainer river right or in serious trouble.. well, I would cross the river and see her clinging to the rock, can you see her?

How we got her out of the eddy (took an hour and a half.. kayaking back through rapid, hiking lava fields, ropes everywhere.. it was nuts) is after the fact... the profound moment of this whole experience was leading a group where in the middle of the rapid (three big waves right below the incident) you look back and see everyone bobbing in the river... if you're a river person, you can probably relate. It does something to a person, it's crazy... I put the song we loved to the video I took, it came out alright and I think conveys well what my mind and spirit were going through, first seeing her not get her roll up in practice, then going through the rapid and everything you hoped wouldn't happen does. The raft gets off line because they focus on the flipped kayak and they dump truck because of it.. everyone out of the boat. Then to see the boat fly by with both back in it, pheww... but where's the kayaker?? Anyway.. I think you might enjoy... it was a spiritual experience for all involved (rookie guide, first time rafter, young kayaker and myself) consider it a journey into my experience. my first video edit.. ha

Click here for the video **Watch in HD**

My journey has been sweet these past months... I hope to share more with -- whoever reads this crap -- in the future.

Good night friends..


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Out of the Valley - From a few weeks ago

I wrote this a week or two ago journaling, it gives a good look into what the transition out of CO back to WA was like for me internally.. life aint all cherries.. but it sure is good..

~ ~ ~

I sit here now, my life it seems couldn't feel more full, I have nothing but 'thanks' overflowing with the force of all our maker's beautiful waterfalls combined. It's big. See, I wouldn't have said that a week and a half ago - a month ago even - as many of the question marks which hit me like hail from the sky have now cleared and the "path" seems to be revealing itself in the clearing of a great storm. A week and a half ago I was basically homeless (not really though, but kinda.. ha), putting large amounts of weight into a new job I still had many questions about... financially things were lookin more grim than I was used to, and my life was packed up in a truck (I love you gunner) who with every sputter seemed to be reciting it's own eulogy. I was hanging to my faith,, listening more and more to the words of "the great accuser" and struggling in areas of my walk I'm not proud of. "Waiting" found a new synonym friend in "lazy", and my hands were getting antsy. Combine this with a spur of the moment move back to a seemingly foreign land in my hometown Seattle (not to mention my leaving buena vista, a town I saw as nothing short of my land of "milk n honey")... I had grown this vision of a future, of growing roots and building foundation for things I desired giving them chance to become reality... I felt such a large gap existed between the two... and in my fear - although never with words, but more with my feelings - I cursed my God at times, definitely turning my gaze.. looking back on it, i deserved the cursing... I never lost a vision for truth though, and with the little dust of faith I had, he was faithful...

And here I now am.. a week and a half later and it's as though I live in a completely different reality. I sit in my new home for the next two months, a little guest home, one room with a fire, bed, couch & kitchen all in one room... it's beautiful.. and this little home being right a stones throw from the shores of Burien, it's only natural the insides be constructed of rich mahogany, white stripped walls, copper boarders on every circle window, it's as though i'm in the kings cabin of a ship sailing comfortably across the dreaded atlantic. It's a dream really. My new boss who has so graciously invited me to live here for the time, is the man... Couldn't be more thankful. Of course a week and a half ago, where I was to live and how i was to afford it was the biggest question mark of all. This new job I came excited about but with questions, has only ironed itself out becoming smoother with each day. Gunner is in fact running great, and the gap shrinks before my eyes in an impossible amount... head bowed, all I have is thanks because I'm a piece of shit and don't deserve the blessings, but if by His grace.

... thanks ...

I did my first wine event tonight with my other boss (there're two, both rock, both love jesus and are completely unique from one another, its awesome)... the event was at Holy Names all girls school for a group of alum... a crazy night, I loved it. These past five days with Sozo, all amazing and more to come later on the details, but each day amazing & unique, what fun it is to represent a top tier quality wine, leaning with my associates on the power of Jesus, praying often, calling on the Spirit in using this gift of delicious juice to bring glory and healing to His kingdom and His people. This... THIS is what he calls us to, by what means, for profit not for profit, whatever wherever, that's ours to decide...

"Although The Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'this is the way, walk in it.'" isa 30:21

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." eccl 9:10

I love these..!. wherever, whatever, do it with all your might, for Him, and the spirits voice will comfort with words confirming your path.. even when the path to get to the peaks must first weave a valley or two..

So the time of questioning, the time of hanging by a thread - a thread enough for HIm to hold me in this case it seems - of faith where the only thing i could mutter was "I love, trust, and thank you God.."... those the only words I had, because anything else would've seemed empty (although i'd try, and lie, and it sucked..).. All I had was my core which i'm thankful was able to mutter even that. But from where I sit now, from that raw core life has sprung and spring it seems has made it's way to my soul.

I'm thankful for a job where every moment it seems pops a new vessel of creative juice in areas of my brain which had long since callused over... creative juice now flowing, and in an area I feel I know well, but had been out of for some time... the world of business. It's fun to feel like maybe those calluses were purposed, as was their popping, waiting to release my old "knowledge" over new life "experiences" I've found these past years.. and it would all make sense... There's that little voice again:)

If I had more time or energy I would write more about the job, the product, the beautiful causes behind it... I would write about my eventually moving to portland, my stoke level for getting back near family... I would talk about how I know jack squat about wine, but couldn't be more confident to bring it's goodness to the parched land of Portlandia... I would probably write a little about kayaking, because I love it.. then I'd write ya a little hum-dinger right before I signed off. So having given you the summary of what I "would" do, I think I'll go to bed now...

G'night friends...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hosea meets Pilate meets Me

What a beautiful journey through the word this morning... Starting out with the last few chapters of Hosea, living through the peaks and valleys of the Lord's relationship with Israel, it was what I needed. Then jumping to where I'm at in John, the end of Jesus' time on earth. Where I started the journey was with Jesus - after preaching beautifully to his disciples - He looks up to heaven and prays for them, his followers... "for I gave them the words you gave me and they accepted them. They knew with certainty that I came from you, and they believed that you sent me."... "Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name - the name you gave me - so that they may be one as we are one." He prayed for them. Read it sometime..

Then He prayed for you, and for me.. for "all believers".

"I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one..." Read the prayer, it's awesome, and for those who believe, pleease join me in feeling the power of a prayer lifted specifically for me, by my Jesus. On our behalf, he brought our case before the Father, and we are free to enter into unity with Him, in His kingdom.

So he prays... then follows his betrayal, his being led before the high priest, and then to Pilate. I want here to posit that - by what I read in John's account - Pilate wasn't that bad of a dude, in fact I'd say he's sitting up in heaven with our Lord right now just lovin life... Here's what I read..

When he first receives him from the Jews, he questions seriously this mans guilt, he even tries to give him back. When all attempts fail, he questions Jesus himself. Jesus at one point describes his "kingdom" that awaits, at this Pilate proclaims "You are a king then!"... jesus replies "you are right in saying I am a king" ... "... for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me."

I think Pilate took this to heart, because he follows with "what is truth?" A serious question I believe...

Next what happens is my favorite..!. we're not told what Jesus' response to him was about truth, but in the next sentence Pilate goes out and basically says "hey, I don't see any reason why this man should be killed, but I'll let you choose one last time and decide between this guy - the "king of the jews" and Barabas, one badass criminal, which to kill"

They choose Jesus, and Pilate gave him over to be crucified. See, I believe that in Jesus' defining truth to Pilate, part of that was understanding what Jesus had to do. See back in what I read earlier, in Jesus' prayer for us, he answered this question for us, it's awesome.!.. "Sanctify them by the truth; your word is the truth."

I don't think it's any coincidence these two uses of 'truth' were put so close to eachother. See, Pilate confronted this truth in this moment we're not told the details of, the moment when Jesus shared with him Truth. But Pilate leaves changed... he will insist on Jesus being recognized as the "King of the Jews". He encountered all truth we are given in the word.. it's life.. and he stood to defend it's recognition, accepting his King's fate, understanding the weight & importance of this event.

So then Pilate when he's about to give him over to the Jews finds out that Jesus apparently is also claiming to be the Son of God.. when you read it it's almost like the record screeches, he stops on a dime turns around to jesus & says "hold up... you're the Son of God too??!" He believed his truth, and now he asks Jesus "where do you come from?" Jesus' answer is perfect, and it says Pilate's response is that he from then on "tried to set Jesus free, but the Jews kept shouting."

What happens next I think is truly fascinating, and I'd never caught it before.. stick with me. Pilate goes to Jesus, gets him and brings him out in front of the people where he (pilate) would sit on "the Judges seat at a place known as the Stone Pavement" This seems significant only because of what Pilate would say. Addressing the people, he says "Here is your King." he then asks "Shall I crucify your King?" Twice recognizing this man's title. Their response, "we have no king but ceasar".. Pilate got it, he proclaims "HERE IS YOUR KIIING, DON'T YOU GET IT?!!".. His being crucified needed to happen. Pilate however believed in Jesus' innocence, and believed His truth, proclaiming Him as his "King". Against the will of the people, he will then insist on there being a sign above Jesus' head which reads "JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS." In Latin, Aramaic & Greek... for ALL the people to know, He is King. And when challenged, pilate's last recorded words are "I have written, what I have written." A strong statement by a strong man who knows and is living out the Truth he was recently exposed to.

So, that's what I learned from Pilate. And bringing it back to Hosea, as Israel would go in and out of affection for their Maker, the words of The Lord for his people are this, that in and out of trouble, "I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them. I will be like the dew to Israel; he will blossom like a lilly. Like a cedar of Lebanon he will send down his roots; his young shoots will grow. His splendor will be like an olive tree, his fragrance like a cedar of Lebanon... I am like a green pine tree; your fruitfulness comes from me."

And on that note, goodbye :)

Oh.. if you made it that far, do yourself a favor and listen to this guy, Jordan Frye, his new album is on spotify and is pretty awesome..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~ Homeward Bound ~

March 11th, 2013

One week left, then it's goodbye to Colorado. It's different this time, saying goodbye without a date i hold onto in my mind for when i'll be returning. Every day it seems tougher than the last, i find new gems each day in the jaw-dropping creation which wraps it's beautiful arms in, on, all around & through me... am I really leaving this place? These people? This river? Valley? Ugh.. Each day too tho i'm gifted something new to look forward to in moving back to truly the most beautiful corner of the country.. I find myself dreaming about ferry rides in the fall... learning the cascades... the olympic peninsula.. beaches enough to explore for a lifetime. Floating the over 300 rivers which reliably feed our beautiful green land year round.. glory. I dream about spending more time with my family... is it possible I could really be close enough to see Liam once a week??... Chels & Cas? Ma & Pa? Mimi & Papa? Grandma? Aunts, uncles, so many little cousins now... I've already promised a ferry date to one Everest Pinneo:) and with Liam's little brother or sister now to come in August, my spirit's grown an undeniable magnetic charge pulling my gaze back home...

So one week from today I'll be just hours from hitting the coast near LA where i'll meet my family to take ma neph Liam to Disneyland.. stoked. And two weeks from today I'll be on a familiar journey up the 101. I realized just recently how intense the experience could be... see the last time I made the trek I had just graduated, popped the little nazarene bubble i'd found myself in, and took five or so days picking my way up the coast. I let loose my spirit, and met some of the most incredible souls along the way. I can still feel the weight of how significant an experience that drive was for me. See, I could've stayed in Cali, I could've stayed in the PNW, both safe places. But on the road I was given tastes of what I knew awaited me, and soon I would be back on the road heading to where I felt drawn to taste more, where I believed I could taste in abundance what I craved... that place was Colorado just a little over four years ago... what I craved was a greater diversity in our (humanities) observing of our place on earth... simple living, suffering with joy, oneness with creation.. And in pockets all over, I found it. So driving back up the 101, as the page turns on what seems to be the ending to my thickest most enjoyable chapter, I anticipate that with every familiar turn i'll encounter in a fresh way the 22 yr old luke. Remembering. This will be one of the greatest gifts of this journey. Remembering to where, through what, and with whom I've journeyed my last four years in this school called life.

It's amazing remembering. He's always interested in me, in using me, filling me, leading me, teaching me love, revealing Himself to me through His word & His people.. all of creation. I wish I could say the same about my interest in pursuing Him... there have been dark nights of the soul.. It's the remembering which turns the tides.

I wont forget tonight, walking out back the house to the creek under the light of the stars alone... just myself, I was met in silence by the comfort of my maker, and with all the question marks which litter the path I'm quickly approaching.. i found peace, the kind thats familiar but every time it feels like the first time.. ya know?. I found new forgiveness (it's offered each day always.. it's great), a fresh but familiar feeling that where i stand is good, today IS a day lived in eternity.. now. As I walked back to the house I noticed the fun pattern I'd made just a few days ago in the snow with my steps.. well, it was gone. The snow still spotty in places, but had melted enough to erase my path.. the path I had walked just a few days earlier was squiggly & all over the place, inspired by the fresh dump of white goodness... that day on that walk I was impacted by grace as the whole land was made new, the ground, trees, mountains, every step I took was new.. and in my heart I felt this same gift, experiencing tangibly & spiritually the reality of what is meant by 'white as snow'. But the evidence of this journey, tonight was nowhere to be found.. the journey is a new one, and tomorrow when it snows and a new carpet of the whitest white calls me to make a new journey, I surely will. His grace is new every day. I see the road ahead as though it had a fresh snow the night before... and even if the journey's already been made, there're fresh steps to be had along the way.. each day.

So the 101? Home? 2400 miles? Pray for me.. imma need it.. ha. Each day a little harder, but each balanced by new light shining over my destination. Lotsa clouds in Seattle (again, pray for me!), but something tells me i'll be reminded on the cloudy days to simply remember & be filled.. each day finding it's light.

So... right now sitting under a tree, by a stream... just found this gem of a psalm.. I wanna be like this tree.. they're the coolest

"...he is like a tree planted by streams of water... whatever he does prospers."

.. click for the whole thing...

~The creek out back~